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Windsor Homes Ltd has built a reputation for producing individual homes of distinction and character in niche locations. Whether it is a studio flat, terraced house or a large detached family home we give the attention to detail in its design and specification. We have regard to the environment and location as well as the latest trends in internal design and carefully selected materials to ensure your home is close to the ideal that we all dream of.


We seek to promote our belief in the best quality we can achieve in all aspects of the design and construction of each property we build.Our reputation for fine homes has been in part built on our ability and wish to help our purchasers choose elements which place their stamp of individuality on their new home. Wherever possible, with the building programme permitting, Windsor Homes Ltd endeavours to bespoke each property to the purchaser’s own personal requirements.


Windsor Homes Ltd believe we have a duty to protect and care for the environment and we take our responsibilities seriously. We comply with all legislation, regulations and standards, taking time to identify the environmental implications of our processes and establishing methods of measuring them. We use recyclable materials in all our homes and ensure we preserve as much of the existing flora and fauna as possible. However, where change is unavoidable, we take measures to re-plant trees and shrubs.


We have regard to the existing wildlife, such as bats and birds, and take the necessary steps to protect them and provide alternative habitats. We have worked with registered wildlife experts in protecting and relocating badgers by creating an artificial sett within a retained natural area of a development. The development also included provision for bat boxes in mature trees adjacent to the development and for the humane capture of slow worms for relocation on nearby heath land.

Our planners work closely with councils and the local community to identify sustainable solutions, and our homes are built, wherever we can, on Brownfield sites. Indeed, whenever our development involves existing character houses we do our utmost to conserve and integrate them into our new development. Our current working practices and protective measures are designed to protect the environment from noise, dust and hazardous materials.

We regularly review our environmental policy to ensure that wherever possible we achieve harmony with the environment so offering us a future for ourselves and our families.

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